Author: Victoria Black

South Korean company launches AI beauty lab

Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape industries, and the beauty sector is not an exception. A South Korean company recently launched an AI beauty lab, aiming to revolutionize the way consumers engage with cosmetics and skincare products. According to market forecasts, the AI market in beauty and cosmetics is expected to grow significantly, from $3.27 billion […]

Helsing raises € 450 million funding for AI defence of NATO’s eastern front

Helsing, a tech company specializing in artificial intelligence for defense, has secured €450 million in funding. This financial boost is aimed at enhancing the defensive capabilities of NATO’s eastern front. Valued at €4.95 billion, Helsing has been pivotal in developing AI software to improve both weapons capabilities and battlefield decision-making processes. Since its involvement in […]

Vimeo introduces AI labelling for videos

In the rapidly changing landscape of video-sharing platforms, Vimeo has taken a significant step by introducing AI labelling for videos. This new feature allows content creators to self-disclose the use of AI in their videos, enhancing transparency and accountability. Initially, creators can tag their videos if they contain AI-generated elements. This self-labelling mechanism aims to […]

The Tricky Politics of the ‘No Makeup’ Look

This week, beauty’s biggest bust-up was all about semantics. It started with a Vogue editorial showcasing former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo’s nuptials to San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. Once the online commentariat finished picking over her dress (Culpo said she ‘”didn’t want to exude sex in any way”), the discourse latched onto an […]

India’s tech sector faces skills shortage

India’s tech sector is currently experiencing a significant skills shortage, impacting many of its leading companies. Major IT firms such as Tata Consultancy Services and Larsen & Toubro are struggling to fill tens of thousands of positions. This gap is not just a minor hiccup but a major roadblock threatening their global competitiveness. Recent studies […]

Macau government websites hit by cyberattack

Many users had difficulties accessing several Macau government websites following a significant cyberattack that disrupted services. The attack, identified as originating from overseas, targeted critical online government functions, affecting numerous residents and businesses. According to the Government Information Bureau, this cyber incident is one of the most severe faced by Macau’s digital infrastructure. Affected services […]

OpenAI and Los Alamos collaborate on AI research

**The Dawn of Collaboration: OpenAI and Los Alamos Join Forces in AI Research** OpenAI and Los Alamos National Laboratory are collaborating on a groundbreaking AI research project. This partnership aims to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 and its potential to revolutionize laboratory tasks and scientific research. The collaboration, described as a pioneering project, leverages GPT-4’s […]

French startup unveils AI model for disease diagnosis

Artificial intelligence is making waves in the healthcare sector. A new French startup called Bioptimus recently launched an AI model that aims to diagnose diseases with unprecedented accuracy. The company, founded in February with $35 million in seed funding, aims to revolutionize medical diagnostics by leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms. The core of Bioptimus’ innovation […]

AI investment risks and uncertainties highlighted by Goldman Sachs

AI Investment Risks and Uncertainties Highlighted by Goldman Sachs In a recently released report, Goldman Sachs has pinpointed several critical risks and uncertainties associated with the ongoing surge in artificial intelligence (AI) investments. Despite AI’s promising potential, the financial giant warns that investors should prepare for substantial economic challenges. One key concern is the unpredictability […]

Intuit to cut 1,800 jobs, focus on AI investments

Intuit to Cut 1,800 Jobs, Focus on AI Investments In a bold strategic move, Intuit has announced plans to lay off 1,800 employees while ramping up its investments in artificial intelligence. The decision underscores the software company’s shift towards automation and advanced technologies to remain competitive in the market. ### Workforce Reduction: A Tough but […]

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