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Innovating with topological chemistry: Quantum advancements at Université de Sherbrooke

The Université de Sherbrooke is at the forefront of groundbreaking research in topological quantum materials, marking a significant leap forward in quantum technology. This research holds transformative potential, promising to push the boundaries of computing, encryption, and beyond. At the heart of this advancement is the study of how properties of materials change when influenced […]

CERN’S CMS experiment unlocks a new era of precision physics

The latest advancements from CERN’s CMS experiment signify a groundbreaking milestone in precision physics. Aleko Khukhunaishvili, from CERN, has highlighted critical developments that could revolutionize our understanding of the universe’s fundamental particles. The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is a general-purpose detector at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) known for its role in the discovery of […]

How energy storage in plants can boost food security

New research led by Brock University aims to discover how photosynthesis and energy storage in plants can boost worldwide food security. The study explores revolutionary methods to unlock plants’ full potential, ensuring sustainable food production. By enhancing photosynthesis, researchers hope to create crops that grow faster and yield more produce, even in adverse conditions. Energy […]

Canada invests $120m to support semiconductor manufacturing and commercialisation

Canada’s Bold Move: Investing $120M in Semiconductor Manufacturing The Canadian government has unveiled a transformative investment plan, committing $120 million to boost the nation’s semiconductor manufacturing and commercialization capabilities. This substantial investment marks a new chapter in Canada’s technological advancement, positioning the country as a significant player in the global semiconductor market. Semiconductors are the […]

New carbon storage technology is fastest of its kind

A groundbreaking carbon storage technology has emerged, promising to revolutionize the way we combat climate change. Unlike current methods that rely on harmful chemical accelerants, this new technology operates much more rapidly, offering a safer and more efficient solution for carbon capture. Traditional carbon storage techniques are typically slow and often involve the use of […]

EURAXESS: Broadening horizons across the world

As Horizon Europe expands funding opportunities, tools like EURAXESS North America simplify communication. Canada’s involvement with Horizon Europe’s Pillar II unlocks significant funding opportunities and fosters closer ties with European researchers. Launched in 2003 to promote researcher mobility within Europe, EURAXESS now extends globally. Speaking with Jackson Howard, Regional Representative for EURAXESS North America, reveals […]

How does climate change impact groundwater quality?

Global warming is more than just rising temperatures; it notably affects groundwater quality. Recent research highlights the link between climate change and deteriorating groundwater, posing significant risks for both humanity and the environment. Firstly, increased temperatures alter precipitation patterns, contributing to irregular rainfall. This shift affects the natural recharge of groundwater sources, leading to either […]

General Election 2024: What Labour landslide victory means for AI

Following a landslide victory in yesterday’s General Election, Labour’s AI strategy is set to become a crucial aspect of the new government. This seismic shift in political power brings numerous implications for businesses and innovations centered around artificial intelligence. Labour’s comprehensive AI strategy promises to transform various sectors, sparking significant interest among tech entrepreneurs and […]

The urgent need to tackle Norway’s plastic pollution

Norway’s plastic pollution is a growing environmental concern that must be addressed urgently, new research says. The country, known for its pristine landscapes and strict environmental policies, is now facing significant challenges with plastic waste. According to recent studies, the level of plastic pollution in Norwegian waters is increasing at an alarming rate. This surge […]

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