Japanese are always really good with the railway. In 1964 they changed transportation by innovating the bullet train concept. Still, it is one of the safest and fastest transport method in the world. In 2021 December, they unveiled their newest railway product, the DMV(dual-mode-vehicle).

            DMV is the world first railbus that can operate on both rail tracks and the road. It is a great economical solution for low populated areas. DMV can reach locals doorsteps as a bus and carry them to their destination on the rail. It is designed to take around 21 people.

          DMV has a built-in train wheel system in front of the bus. When it reaches the railway track entering point, the driver can descent the train wheelset and elevate the bus front wheel from the tracks. Rear wheels will keep low on track and power the bus.

        The DMV can reach up to 60km/h on the rails and travel up to 100km/h on the roads. It is now officially operating in Kaiyo town, Japan. DMV operator Asia Coast Railway says that if they succeed, they can start new DMV services across Japan’s local areas.

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