Chinese businesses are the biggest adopters of generative AI, report says

A new report has found that Chinese businesses are the leading adopters of generative AI technologies, leaving other countries in the dust. Generative AI, which can create content ranging from text and audio to images and code, is proving to be a revolutionary tool for these companies.

According to a study from McKinsey, over 60% of large firms in China are currently using generative AI in some capacity. This trend is in stark contrast to the US, where generative AI is more advanced in terms of full implementation but has fewer adopters overall.

Examples include Alibaba, which utilizes generative AI for customer service chatbots and personalized shopping experiences, showcasing significant improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. Similarly, has integrated generative AI into its logistics to predict demand and optimize inventory.

The report indicates that the rapid uptake in China could be attributed to the government’s strong support for AI initiatives, coupled with a tech-savvy population eager to embrace new technologies. This environment has created fertile ground for innovation, driving new business models and operational efficiencies.

It’s clear that while the US leads in development, China is charging ahead in adoption and practical applications, posing a challenge for global competitors. As generative AI continues to advance, the gap in adoption rates could influence the global business landscape significantly.

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