At Inglot, Leveraging Local Production Amid Global Expansion

Polish makeup and skincare brand Inglot is embarking on a phase of strategic growth. With plans to launch a new brand strategy next year named “the old new strategy” and with a new CEO, Grzegorz Inglot, at the helm, the brand is revitalizing its image while expanding globally.

Founded in 1983 by Polish entrepreneur and chemist Wojciech Inglot, the family business underscores its focus on science-based cosmetics. English-speaking consumers find this approach increasingly appealing, as evidenced by recent data from The Benchmarking Company, which shows that 65% of skincare users apply three to five products daily. Mintel also reports that 53% of US beauty and personal care consumers now research beauty ingredients.

Leveraging local production, Inglot’s specialized laboratories prioritize research-driven product development, with 70% of their products featuring active ingredients. For instance, their newly launched face foundation combines waterproof, medium-coverage formulas with skincare benefits, like improving the skin’s microbiome. Such scientific backing is crucial; according to Mintel, 67% of UK consumers seek more scientific validation from beauty brands.

Inglot’s global presence spans six continents, over 90 countries, and more than 2000 retail spaces. The brand aims to use new product launches, an updated store concept, and enriched in-store experiences to engage customers more effectively.

CEO Grzegorz Inglot outlines the brand’s revised strategy, emphasizing six core values: science-driven beauty, functional products, color variety, inclusivity, sustainability, and leveraging heritage. Inglot plans to strengthen their presence in established European markets while expanding in the US, Asia, and the Middle East, with the latter showing high growth potential.

Local manufacturing plays a significant role, allowing rapid response to market needs and maintaining quality control, resulting in an almost zero percent returns rate. The hybrid model for distribution prioritizes e-commerce, travel, and specialty retail spaces, which are projected to grow significantly until 2027.

Inglot’s new store concepts aim to offer a unique, comfortable shopping journey, catering to diverse age groups and customer preferences. Feedback-driven improvements will see enhancements in visual merchandising and product information displays, ensuring customer independence while still providing expert guidance.

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