Anthropic launches grants for developing new AI benchmark

**Anthropic Launches Grants for Developing New AI Benchmark**

Anthropic has announced a new initiative offering grants to third-party organizations and researchers. This move aims to create robust benchmarks in areas critical to AI safety and ethics, including cyberattacks, weapons of mass destruction, and manipulation.

This initiative marks a significant step in aligning AI development with security concerns. The focal points of cyberattacks, and weapons of mass destruction underscore the importance of making AI systems resilient against malicious use. Moreover, addressing manipulation highlights the ethical dimensions of AI, ensuring technologies do not contribute to misinformation or social engineering.

These grants not only provide financial support but also encourage collaborative efforts in the global AI research community. By fostering innovation in benchmark development, Anthropic is setting a precedent for proactive measures in AI governance.

The timeline and criteria for grant applications are designed to be inclusive, ensuring a wide range of participation from diverse research institutions. Anthropic’s initiative is a call to action for the AI community, emphasizing the need for comprehensive safety measures as AI technologies continue to progress. This initiative may very well set new standards for how AI systems are evaluated and governed in the future.

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